Audio Short Stories by Dennis Shore

Dennis Shore was a prolific story-teller who knew how to read his audience. Whether it was a story to use as an ice-breaker at a professional conference or whether it was an impromtu bed-time story for children who had a particular disdain for going to bed, Dennis' command of language, voice, and timing made for terrific entertainment.

Here, we present samples of two audio short stories for your enjoyment.

"It was a hot, humid, August morning, three hours before dawn. The tiny house cowering in the corner of the gravel parking lot was dominated by a flashing neon sign in the shape of a huge eye blinking a message to the passing world that 'Hot Food' was available at all hours. In truth the eye was doomed to blink its message of dubious culinary cheer."

"Elroy was a good kid... sensitive and well balanced. Everything a mother would order if scientific progress offered 'Dial-a-Kid'... in preference to traditional methods of procreation. If a poll was taken at Covington High in St Tammany Parish... Elroy would undoubtedly have been voted 'graduate most likely to be average during the course of his life'. A comforting title for those not inclined to scale the dizzy heights of corporate ladders... and those not obsessed with achieving immortality in other fields of human endeavor. In short, a youth who could cope with the vicissitudes of life with good humor."