New Orleans - A History of Contemporary Music

During the 1980's, Dennis Shore lived in New Orleans, and came to understand and appreciate how deeply the influence of Louisiana and the American South are woven into the tapestry of 20th century music. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Bebop, Cool, Boogie-Woogie, Swing, Brass Band, Soul and other musical styles are presented in this meticulously researched five part show.

 "Hi, I'm Dennis Shore.

Welcome to.. New Orleans - A History of Contemporary Music.

More than any other city in the world, New Orleans exemplifies the fountainhead of popular 20th century music, and the roots or many forms of contemporary music can be traced back in large part to the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Louisiana and the American Deep South. The music then spread westward via the railroad and up the Mississippi River into the heart of America and from there to the rest of the world.

In this program I will be playing music which illustrates how deeply the New Orleans musical influence is woven into the tapestry of 20th century music. Not only Jazz but also Piano; Blues; Gospel; Rock; Bebop; Cool Jazz; Rhythm & Blues; Big Band; Soul; Boogie-Woogie; Funk; Cajun and Zydeco. In short, a music fest as long and wide as the Mississippi River itself. The program is dedicated to those early musicians who paved the way of today's multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, but never received recognition for their contribution.

The background music and opening theme is Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans performed by Ellis Marsalis who apart from sharing his incredibly talented family with the world...."

Enjoy each full 1 hour radio show of music and commentary

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